Chevrolet Trailblazer International TV Commercial

Richard has composed the music for a new Chevrolet Trailblazer TV commercial. Click here to see the video on YouTube.


Richard has won an Ivor Novello award in the Best Original Video Game Score category for his work on Napoleon: Total War. For the list of nominees and more information about this prestigious award, visit


Ivor Novello Nomination...Again!

For the second year running, Richard has been nominated for this highly prestigious award - this time for his work on Napoleon: Total War.


Richard has been nominated in the 55th Ivor Novello awards for his work on Empire: Total War. The Ivors are internationally respected for honouring excellence in music writing and have been given anually to outstanding songwriters and composers.

This is the first year in which a catagory has been included for "Best Original Video Game Score".


Richard has completed work on Napoleon: Total War for SEGA and The Creative Assembly. The score was recorded by the 85 piece Slovak National Symphony under conducter Nic Raine, as well as a 44 piece choir and string quintet!

The music has recieved excellent reviews;

Gamespot UK: "The classical score offers hours of diverse music that fits the period beautifully. Assuredly, the emperor himself would be jealous that his own adventures lacked such perfect accompaniment."

IGN AU says the music is "impressive". Sound 9.5/10

IGN UK says Napoleon has a "Great score".


Empire: Total War - Soundtrack Released


Richard has completed work on Empire: Total War for SEGA and The Creative Assembly. The score was recorded by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra.

Empire reached the number one spot in the UK multi-platform charts and has been receiving extremely good reviews;

IGN: "The music fits the martial tone of the game perfectly and definitely helps players get into the mood for the setting." Sound 9/10, Overall 9.5/10

IGN UK: "A quality musical score", " accomplished and magnificent in scope that it deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the greatest names in gaming history." Sound 9/10, Overall 9.5/10

Gamingheaven: "The musical score is great as it suits the nature of the game perfectly", "possibly one of the Games Of The Year 2009." 94%

2404 - PC Gaming: "Fortunately, Total War continues to use some really awesome music.  Fantastic atmospheric and melodic strings grace the strategy map, while and bombastic epicness pounds on in the real-time shoot’em-ups."

NowGamer: "Empire: Total War is a masterpiece, the greatest, most accomplished and ambitious strategy epic in the history of gaming and one of the most exceptional games of all time." Sound 9.5/10, Overall 10/10

PCGamer: " of the most playable, and therefore important and accomplished games ever created." 94%

PCFormat: "A colossus of a game", "the stuff of legend." 92%

Eurogame: "Unforgivably brilliant" 9/10

Gamespy: "OUTSTANDING!" 5 Stars

GameStar: 9/10

Insidegamer: 9+


View the launch trailer and multiplayer trailer in the video section.